Mitcham, London, England

Upcomming Appearance

All My Friends Music Festival

Born in London and raised throughout Sri Lanka and India before returning to the U.K. as a refugee, M.I.A. lead a life continually exposed to diverse people and cultures alike. Her unique perspective on the world and its realities inspired her art practices and crafted her unique refugee voice. M.I.A., standing for "Missing in Action," built a strong early online audience prior to having written an album or performed a live show. Her career steadily developed, taking some of the globes biggest stages, creating top charting albums, and receiving huge recognitions like Time naming her one of the "World's Most Influential People" in 2008. Her works exhibit themes of identity politics, globalism, and revolution; she brings a loud and powerful refugee voice to the masses. The voice of a Londoner of Tamil refugee heritage is unmistakable throughout her fifth studio album, A.I.M. The album is an immersive experience through a geography moving from exile to admittance and acceptance—the place where survivors meet the living.

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